Saturday, 24 September 2011

Jam Records 4th October

I'll be putting a few pieces in Jam Records, High Street, Falmouth on the 4th October. They will be there for a month. It's the best music and coffee shop there is and I'll be there for the morning if anyone wants to come say hi.

Tusk and claw


Just finished these two so I'll probably put them in. But I'm working on this exotic gold framed thing at the moment. Hoping to have it finished in time.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Happy accident

One of the pieces I was finishing today needed a bit of resin and I'd made too much, so I started filling a couple of small moulds - one containing a beautiful elephant hawkmoth.
I accidentally put too much catalyst in the last batch of resin I had made and I also, impatiently, poured in too much at once. Next thing I know I can smell burning and there is steam coming up from the piece.
The thing was getting so hot. Too much resin and too much catalyst = altogether too much going on in a small space = cracks! Had I wasted a really beautiful moth with my carelessness?

I was facinated though and settled down to watch the tiny spectacle I'd created by mistake.
Every few seconds a little golden crack would appear in the resin. I watched as it filled up with these little flecks off gold and the moth grew darker as it singed and disappeared beneath the cracks.
Macro fireworks.

Turned out quite interesting on the other side when I turned it out and polished it a bit.

...accidents can be OK.

Monday, 5 September 2011

September - back to it after a bit of a break

I've moved my kayak out of the garage to its new home in the garden to make more work space. Put up a wall of shelves to take all the stuff that was rapidly taking over my work benches.

Tidy garage all ready to work

Lots of bits I've been making over last couple of months ready to gather together into new pieces

Finished off a few things before I start new stuff. The ones below are really finished. The rest have to set and be polished before they are really ready.

like a secret

child inside