Thursday, 29 December 2011

Just found this amazing masked crab on Maenporth Beach. Something to draw and paint in the future. It's in the garage to dry for now and is a bit smelly!
Lovely to find a whole creature as all I have found in the past are shells. This one is a male I think because of its long leg/claws (chelipeds) One of the wall sculptures I made earlier this year, 'Broken', has one embedded in it. Think I'll just draw this one for now.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I've been painting...

Spider crab
Looking across the Helford River from the fields above Prisk -
Christmas Eve

As I haven't been working in the garage making stuff much this month I thought I'd make a new page with some of the drawings and paintings I've been doing. I have started taking paints out with me and painting landscapes. At the moment I am painting with acrylic in a sketch book of primed paper 14x21cm

It is something I have never done before so is quite a challenge.

But I am also drawing the things I find once I have brought them home.

To see more check out the 'Painting and drawing' page