Spain and boxes of light

Niguelas - fragment of sketch

Went to Spain for a week with friends staying in a village on the edge of the Sierra Nevada.
It's taken a while for me to get back to work again. But the colours are still in my eyes and I am beginning to do a few small sketches.
I will put a few on my Facebook page and Flickr soon.

Mostly I am getting back to making. I was working on a few frames before I went on holiday. They ended up becoming collages of wood with a tiny hole for the image in the middle. The hole is becoming smaller and the frame is getting bigger as I make more of them. I have made this one into a box with a spy hole. I like the idea of you looking into the box, switching on the light and finding...What?

inside the box - the bit you will never see

Open Studios is only six weeks away. Post to come soon about that.

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