Friday, 25 January 2013

slowly slowly... longing for spring

Trying to work in this cold and rain is so slow. The resin won't cure and I found after one cold night that condensation had dripped from the beams of the roof onto a mould I had just poured. The drips of water made it all bumpy and sticky. I've just poured it again. Hope it works this time.

Ah well just takes a little longer but the new pieces I have been planning for ages are taking shape. Don't look like much at the moment. Slowly slowly. My studio is full of bits. Just wait and see they will all come together eventually.
Spring will come too.

I've been preparing some prints too. Spent a few rainy days collaging acetate together so I could make them into plates. Will print them next week I hope.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

dreams of lenses, layers and lights

New moulds turned out fine. Now with plaster jackets so they don't distort when I pour them. The round one particularly has a very thin bottom as it was the last one I poured. The plaster cases will protect them and make them last longer I hope. Was nice mucking about with plaster again.
Really love the moulds as objects in themselves. Looking forward to using them now...

...dreams of lenses,
layers and lights....

moulds like mini sarcophaguses 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the wrong silicone...

Been shopping with Jo...

... I spent too far too much money in CFS but it had to be done.

On the way home we explored a few scrapyards. I'm looking for thin copper but none was to be found. Will keep hunting. I love scrapyards but haven't been to one since I moved to Cornwall - that's over 20 years. Think I might get back into scrapyard hunting again. There were some beautiful colours in the soft grey rain.

metal landscape

copper strata


When I got home found I'd bought the wrong silicone!

... as in this one is more expensive because its transparent and better for clear cast resin but my moulds are so simple there is no need and the cheaper ones will do... oh well never mind...

...poured them anyway.

So now I have posh transparent moulds!

... interesting.

Friday, 4 January 2013

A new year and new moulds for new things ...

So I'm looking at those lists I made last week and I am starting to tick them off. Out in the garage today cast three new plaster masters. These I will use to make three new moulds so I can start to get larger things happening with lights.
Need to buy silicone. Then its out with the Lego.

If I can get the moulds poured next week I can start to put things together the week after... fun time... decision time... finishing things time.

And in between watching things set?
Well I really need to mega tidy up the garage!
I really need to get back to painting and drawing too - any ideas and inspiration welcome - maybe its time for the discipline of a drawing a day?