Wednesday, 27 February 2013

wine and roses...

I have to go to work now. Days in the office meeting deadlines, sending things to print, emailing and dealing with reluctant computers.
But these three things have to set and it is so cold out in the garage.
I can wait.

And I have my evenings.
Listening to Agnes Obel.
Writing and drawing.
Wine and roses.
The evenings are mine.

Monday, 25 February 2013

being a beetle

being a beetle

I spent Sunday tidying and it looked great, for a moment, until I started making frames and pouring resin again. So now it will be a few days before I can move anything because everything takes so long to set in this cold.
No photos till its tidy.
I seem to be working on three not two!

But spent the morning
printing my latest photo etching.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

cold and chaos...

I'm ashamed to say my studio is in chaos. Tools, moulds, resins, frames, rubbish and stuff all over, nothing in its place. If I don't tidy up soon something will break and my head is muddled by it all..
Oh and its so cold. Was trying to work today but had to go inside every half hour or so because my fingers hurt too much. Sanding down resins with cold water. Not nice.
But.... I have all tomorrow to tidy up.
Today's decision - finish things.
Do one piece at a time and stop making more bits!

But if I only do one at a time I end up having to wait for things to dry or set.
So I am going to finishing two pieces.

Results soon... I hope.

Meanwhile had a wonderful afternoon on Prisk cowrie hunting - 26 my all time record... I think.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

heart urchins on Maenporth Beach

Maenporth Beach had heart urchins scattered all over it today. Me and a friend wandered and occasionally whooped with delight as we found another. Treasures rolling in on the low tide.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

back to orchids

Back to orchids. I started my facebook page with an orchid and here I am again. Not the most beautiful I've ever painted but it is what it is.
First painting I've done since last summer.
This is my Dad's orchid. Four years ago today my Dad died. Three years ago to marked the first year I bought this orchid. For him or for me I'm not sure. But it keeps flowering despite me not having a clue how to look after orchids. Its so lovely I thought I'd paint it again.

For Dad