Tuesday, 26 March 2013

frozen moment

The herald from last October.

frozen moment
a small life
its beauty
still changing
and within me

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Birds, Bugs and Beasts exhibition at Four Crows Gallery 28th March

I have some work at the lovely Four Crows Gallery in Porthlven, which is moving to new premises.
New exhibition Birds, Bugs and Beasts opens from 28th March.

being a beetle

the rain falls

Monday, 18 March 2013

new things and dragonflies ...


Well I said I was going to finally finish a few things and here they are. The lit pieces are still in progress but I will have them ready for Open Studios at the end of May.

under the earth you lie
such a small space

words were as shadows

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

shadow of a snake... turning to dust

People know I collect skulls and bones and sometimes I get given things. This is the remains of a snake - an adder I think. But I left it a year or so before I finally got out to my friends house to pick it up. Time has worn it away and now there is little left. The head has gone, the fine bones and delicate skin have decayed and turned into a paper shadow. All is turning to dust.

I will keep a few of the tiny backbones. They seem like scattered flowers.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

... where the logo came from

mind hare
Been thinking about my logo - well it is a logo - but it was never made to be a logo. I didn't invent it for that purpose. The image has been with me for a long time and I can't really remember it beginning for it grew over years. My hare was a mischievous and magical creature. She grew wings and had a wild and generous heart as she leaped and flew across the pages of my sketchbooks. Then about ten years ago I did this small painting for a very dear friends birthday.

There is a poem that goes with the hare. I have always been a secret writer and my sketchbooks are filled as much with words as drawing. I wrote it in 2005. I think.

The final fusion of the hare, the poem and the poppy, was probably about 2006 when I was wanting to experiment with layering images and words in resin, but having no studio or time, made do with playing in the virtual studio of my computer.
And there the image I created stayed.

It wasn't until 2010 that I started working for real on the ideas that had been growing in my sketchbooks and the virtual studio.

As I worked in real space, with real materials, making real objects, I began thinking of myself as an artist again. And every artist, even the least confident and quietest, needs to be seen, needs to shout a bit and say 'look' - eventually.

So the natural next step for me was to go public and start sharing my world. The Blog and the Facebook page I started in 2011 were a way of doing this.

Why a logo? Well you need a logo don't you! I am an accidental graphic designer. Its my job and stuff like having logos has become natural to me I suppose. I wanted an image that said 'Sarah McCartney'.
So I looked through the many digital images I have made over the years and there it was. It shone out.
It is who I am and where I am going - perfectly bright and hopeful.

'If I don't leap I will never know how to dance or sing'

Sunday, 3 March 2013

soldering on a Sunday

Spent Sunday morning with a friend learning about wiring LED's. Never got electricity at school and anyway that was a long time ago so it was basic stuff like 'explain current and voltage to me'. 

My friend is patient, mad about electronics and turns out to be a good teacher so between us we have worked out a way I can do what I want to do.
I still don't know much about how it works but I know what I have to do. With a bit of practical practice it will all make sense.

Home now with a bunch of LED's, resistors and wire. Time to do the real thing. Then it will be setting it all in resin and figuring out the power source. We think we know how that will work. But its all trial and error. The best way will eventually show itself.
It's so exciting and feel I have moved a way down the road to making the lit pieces I've been dreaming of and working towards for the past year.