Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Open Studios Cornwall 2013 25th May - 2nd June

I am doing Open Studios Cornwall again this year. It is from May 25th to June 2nd and I am artist 146 in the catalogue.

My studio is my garage at the back of 66 Marlborough Rd, Falmouth. I will be open from 11am till 5pm on all days except Tuesday and Wednesday. I will only open by appointment on those days. Ignore what it says in the catalogue about me not opening till 1pm on Friday - I'll be there.

For more details go to the Creative Skills website or the Open Studios Facebook page or my page Sarah McCartney Artist

Please come and see me and if you could 'like' my page and spread the word that would be wonderful.

Monday, 22 April 2013

things from the sea ...


...its good be still

... to stop searching

...and look closely

...at the treasure

...you have already found

Sunday, 14 April 2013

all lit up ...

This one isn't finished. The resin and frame need polishing and it needs fixings at the back. I will post it when its finished but I love how these beetles light up and thought I'd share.

Monday, 8 April 2013

and its out ... first out of the big cube

Still feeling weak from being ill but I went out to my garage just now and pulled this out of the cube - its such a deep mould it was quite a struggle. Of course its covered in finger prints and is very murky. The resin will take a week or so to cure enough for me to sand and polish, but I had to see if it worked.
The first one is out and it works!
The next stage is to work out how to connect the power supply and decide how its will be - wall or free standing? - I want them at eye level - I need you to get close and look inside - so I guess wall again. I see problems with how they are seen. My garage for Open Studios is light, light, light - its going to be useless for seeing these pieces. I need a darkened room for them.
Problems to solve. Slowly, slowly - I will pour the other one today.

Friday, 5 April 2013

the big cube is out!

How interesting that my last post was 'frozen time' as I feel like time has stopped for me this week.

Last Friday I finally poured the big cube. Great. Only as I poured it I realized I had miscalculated the volumes and wouldn't have enough silicone. Foolish me. I knew it would be tight - and me being tight because silicone is expensive I'd only bought one can - false economy, should have bought two to be sure! But too late. Weekend and Easter meant I couldn't do anything till Tuesday so I'd have to do something else and learn a lesson.

Then Saturday evening I started feeling unwell. By Tuesday I had spent two days in bed feeling bad and incapable of doing anything but by the morning convinced myself I was better and drove out to United Downs to get more silicone. I felt a bit shaky but was determined. I managed to finish the mould when I got home but it was probably all a bit too much as I got worse after that.

Today I am up and a little better. The sun is shining and I went out into the garage to see my mould. I brought it into the house as I was too cold and shaky out there. It has taken me my whole days energy to take off all the lego walls and extract the master from the completed mould - but I did it.

And here it is. A 4 inch or 10.5 cm cube. Now I shall collapse for the rest of the day happy that it has worked.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel stronger and put the first light piece together in it.

After I have seen the sea.