Thursday, 30 May 2013

Open Studios - a few pictures ...

My studio.

This was the sunny day! I'll put on photos of the individual pieces later. Open today till Sunday 11am till 5pm and it looks like the suns out again.

view from my garage to the garden - ramsons almost over but still pretty

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sarah McCartney Open Studios starts tomorrow - where and when...

Open Studios Cornwall starts tomorrow. 

WHEN: I will be open from May 25th to June 2nd, 11am to 5pm (closed Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th so I can see some of the other artists)
Sunday 2nd there will be an extra late opening from 6pm to 9pm to see the light pieces at their best.

WHERE: My studio is my garage at the back of 66 Marlborough Rd, Falmouth, TR11 3LL. 
At the bottom of this page where it says 'location' click on 'undefined' and it will take you straight to my studio on Google Map.

I am artist 146 in the Open Studios catalogue. You can get more details on Open Studios Cornwall by going to the Creative Skills website or the Open Studios Facebook page. For more details about me go to Sarah McCartney Artist

check out the news item about me on Cornwall Wildlife Trust's website

Please come and see me and if you could 'like' my page and spread the word that would be wonderful

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

the beauty of seaweed...

A little break from Open Studios to look at the seaweeds I collected last week. Some I hung up to dry in my garage and have been nibbling since as it is really tasty, the Dulse particularly.

But most I spread out on paper to dry.
The Irish moss I really love.

I keep them in boxes once they are dried to use in my sculpture.

The most beautiful were the fine reds that I had to arrange underwater as they were so delicate.

This is sea beech as I found it on the beach intensely pink then a few days later after it had dried.

I didn't press them properly. I just laid them out on not very brilliant paper and let them dry.

This is sea oak...

... and a few days later dried

transparent and delicate like a fine water colour.

Next time I will use sea water and lay them on decent paper and press them under boards. Next time I'll do it properly and learn a few more species.

set in resin.
light shining through

ideas for the future

Monday, 20 May 2013

Open Studios... five days to go

Only five days to go... 

... and I have filled my printers tray at last

This is yesterdays batch before polishing. Getting ideas for new pieces but that will have to wait. I'll stop sanding today and do other things.Think my hands need a rest! Cards and postcard to pick up, work to hang, labels to print, posters and catalogues to put about but I'm getting there.

I am definitely going to have a late opening so you can see the lit pieces in their full glory. Probably the last day Sunday 2nd, 6 to 9pm. I'll do a new post and invite on my Facebook page so watch this space.

Friday, 17 May 2013

... more sanding and polishing ...

Doing a lot of sanding and polishing at the moment. My arms and hands ache and I seem to be loosing my finger prints!

I start with 100 grade wet and dry and go up to 1200 and finally polish with Brasso. I have a polishing mop but I never use it. I find the resin smears unless its very old and well cured. Maybe I have the wrong polishing compound.
Anyway Brasso and elbow grease does the trick.

These are ones half done - very misty. I may put the mist back in to some of them by re-sanding with 1200 once they are finally polished.

Final results

Sunday, 12 May 2013

finished, hung and lit ...

Couldn't decide whether to put pictures of the light pieces on before Open Studios or not but this evening I finished and lit them for the first time and I'm loving them so much I can't resist sharing.

I have put them in alcoves and shut out the light as much as I can but the evening is definitely the best time to see them lit so I'm wondering if I should open one evening during the week?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Open Studios... getting there and the lights work!

I've been finishing the light pieces. Yesterday I got the sockets and fixed them into the back of each piece. This is the big one with beetles. Not so tricky as the wood frame allowed me to neatly fix at the back.

The resin blocks were more of a problem. Once I soldered the socket I wrapped it in insulating tape and glued and sealed with epoxy glue to the back of each one
Then skimmed them with a layer of white resin to make a neat block.

But I couldn't find out until today if they worked. I have tested them all the way along but as I had to wrap the sockets in insulating tape to protect them from the resin for this last bit I couldn't do a last check.

I unwrapped them first thing this morning and cleaned up round the sockets ready. Was pleased with how they turned out but would they work?

When my friend arrived with the power supplies I was so worried.
Hardly dared throw the switch.

But yes - they work - a great relief and a great day! 

At the same time I've been clearing my studio, painting and putting up boards. Certainly an improvement on last week.

I love the rosemary that grows on the wall of my garage. Flowering for Open Studios. 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Open Studios Cornwall 2013 online catalogue

Open studios Cornwall 2013 catalogue is now online.

Lots of great art and artists to see all over Cornwall.

I am artist 146 on page 69 but also have work with Pam Tongue  on page 71.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Open Studio tidy up time...

So its the 1st of May.
24 days till Open studios and look at my studio!


Had a bit of a disaster last week which meant I had to finish the bottle of resin this week. I had it open on the floor. Why on the floor? I never do that but I did this time. I had just measured out 150ml of resin and was adding the catalyst to it but somehow I spilt some. I think some of it splashed on the lid of the resin tin because when I went to open it the next day I couldn't - it had set solid. I get it in 5 litre tins so I was lucky it was near the end but there was still too much in there to be wasting and I was in the middle of stuff so...I hack sawed it off.
And I've been very busy ever since...

...making stuff...lots of stuff - but now its time to stop.

Time for the big tidy.