Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Poly Member's Summer Exhibition 30th July to 10th August

I will have a few things in this exhibition.

Main Gallery
Tuesday 30th July - Saturday 10th August
The Poly Members’ Summer Exhibition The annual opportunity to open up the Main Gallery to any RCPS Members who wish to exhibit their work.  Always an interesting and varied selection of artwork, including oils, watercolours, mixed media, ceramics, and sculptures.  Let your artistic senses run wild and come and see what our Members have been creating this year!
Private View on Monday 29th July from 6 – 8.30pm – All welcome!

Friday, 19 July 2013

another squat lobster and a razorbill skull!

the best days... how good life is in Cornwall and how amazing that I can get back from a day in the office, get on my bike and within minutes be in the sea.
Gylly was packed so I decided to go to Tunnel Beach a bit further on. I had it all to myself almost. A Falmouth town treasure.

The tide was going out so it was a bit tricky getting in over the rocks, best time is mid to high tide, but I swam out to the buoy and back then wandered along my little piece of paradise finding cowries and needle shells. Even found two small necklace shells - well I think that's what they are. I was in the middle of Falmouth with a beach to myself finding cowries!

But my most amazing find was another squat lobster. This time a bigger and more colourful one. I think the last one was a moult but this was a dead one. Moults never smell and this one definitely smells a bit. I am guessing that is why it has so much colour.

Then to end my day a friend gave me a razorbill skull to clean up and draw. Looks a bit grim at the moment but look at that beak.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

gathering ...

Sometimes I feel that I am not going anywhere
I am not drawing or painting
I am not writing
I have nothing new on the walls of my garage
I have nothing new to put on the blog ...

... but if I look around my garage, underneath the chaos, lots is happening

I am gathering and preparing:

flowers and seaweeds are pressed and dried
shells are sorted

boards are made ready for painting. 
I have got equipment and materials now to work with wax

I have bought a table saw to start cutting up my oak and driftwood...

... and occasionally I get a glimpse of what might happen in the future

so for now I am happy preparing and gathering ... but also I am in, on and beside the sea as much as I can. When Summer really arrives in Cornwall the best thing to do is down tools and enjoy it - there will be plenty of winter.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

I found a squat lobster cast

I found this exquisite squat lobster cast on Prisk Beach this afternoon. Only 3cm in length and so incredibly delicate one leg has already fallen off. I decided to embed it in resin immediately to keep it safe.

There are shore crab and edible crab casts all along the hight tide line varying in colour from bleached white to all shades of peachy orange and deep rusty red. But the colour of this little thing is pink. First one I have never found. Amazing.