Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Dead Good Show, Fannie & Fox 31st October until 30th November

I was invited to show work at Fannie & Fox's, The Dead Good Show. An 'Exhibition where various artists explore the theme of death, with the aim of encouraging the beginning of a dialogue'

I don't work to themes but this particular theme already runs through out my work on many levels so preparing for it has been a wonderful opportunity or maybe just the kick I needed to get me thinking about what I do.

Over the last month or so I have painted dead birds, sorted out my bird skull collection, started reading and hunting for poetry hoping to find my words in the mouth of someone with more skill than I have. I've been painting, drawing and writing in my sketchbooks. I tried to make something fit but it wouldn't.
I really didn't know what I was going to put in this show.

Then I realised the work I had in my Open Studio and The Poly Summer Show this year has hardly been seen and is made for this show. And eventually I stopped worrying too much and let stuff happen and curiously I ended up in my garage last week making something new. I was throwing away all the words I'd gathered over the years, thinking its time to move on and find new words, but I couldn't quite throw them away, yet. Instead I started collaging them and layering them with wax and resin.

All those words are gone now but I have one last poem.

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” - Charles Bukowski

Monday, 7 October 2013

with wax and resin

Getting back out in the garage and slowly getting a few things happening. Two weeks ago I spent a day ripping some of my oak on the table saw making it into nice thin strips for frames.

I wanted frames for the wax pictures I started earlier in the Summer. I like to use old wood or wood with life in it still. The oak I am using is off-cuts from posts made on Cornwall Wildlife Trust's nature reserves years ago. They are long posts, roughly cut on three sides, the fourth being untouched and still with bark on. Now I have a table saw I can at last do something with this wood.

I had a day working with wax yesterday slowly building up layers and embedding things within these frames. And today I got the resin out. More layers and things. New work on the way.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

sea swimming and a new sketch book...

The sea is getting colder and wilder.

So we go to the misty green river. To the quiet places with egrets and herons. Maybe, if we are lucky, catch a glimpse of iridescent blue as a kingfisher flies low across the water.

I came to the end of my main sketch book soon after I got home from Scilly. I work in sketchbooks a lot and usually have two or three open at once as often one is drying or being primed and I enjoy working across them all.

My sketch books are my playground and my sanctuary.

I collect colours, times, draw things I have found, play with words, thrash ideas about and write lists. And when everything else is too hectic and I am a bit lost I can always find a way with my books.

My favourite is the 16 x 21 cm Fabriano Classic Artist's journal but I bought a Fabriano quadrato 16 x 16 cm as well this time. Square...

... and since I've had this new square book all I have drawn, painted and written about is swimming. The quadrato has become my swimming sketchbook and I have been putting them on my Facebook page in an album called 'swimming in my sketchbook' 

I am a sculptor so it may seem strange that my passion at the moment is trying to paint water. I am getting out in my garage, I am cutting up wood for frames, gathering and preparing to make new moulds and planning to pour some resins soon. The wheels are beginning to turn again out there.

But here in my sketchbook I will continue to wander freely and go where my heart takes me.